#mtlstyle : Montréal fashion industry's rallying cry

Montréal fashion is designed, manufactured or worn in Montréal.

Our fashion is a reflect of our city, which shines on the global stage because to its dynamic character.

Our ecosystem is composed of bigger and smaller players working together in a key sector for the economy. An industry as innovative as creative, and rich in heritage.

The actors of our ecosystem wanted to mobilize around a unique signature of their own.

#mtlstyle, it's the rallying cry of our industry.

An initiative by The Fashion Cluster

In November 2016, during the first meeting of mmode's Industry Image Working Group, the committee members expressed the wish to define a singular signature for our sector in order to boost the conversation around Montréal fashion and Montréalers' style.

It was the birth of our rallying cry: #mtlstyle.

Since its official deployment, mmode, the Metropolitan Fashion Cluster propels the #mtlstyle thanks to the support of many partners and collaborators.

Unique is the new perfect.

#mtlstyle, is also the reflect of who we are; a celebration of our uniqueness, of our diversity.

Montréal fashion is first of all fashion that represents its community and each individual that plays a role in it.

A community that is festive, hype, inclusive, authentic, strong, bold, but most of all unique.


Unique is the new perfect.

More than a hashtag

This graphic identity has been created to harmoniously coexist with the branding of Montréal-based companies that want to use the #mtlstyle. Designed by Sid Lee, the hashtag of #mtlstyle is also :

_ A nod to textile fiber, to the art of weaving

_ A symbol of the mixing of styles

_ A representation of the mmode Cluster as a crossroads of Montréal fashion

Partners of #mtlstyle movement